How To Open An Ethereum Wallet

There are two ways to open an Ethereum walllet.

  1. (Easier way)
  2. My Ether Wallet (Safer way)

Coinbase Wallet


  1. Go to and click on sign up.


2. Enter your details such as Name, Email, and Password.

coinbase signup


3.You can now see your Ethereum wallet account. Click on “View Accounts”

Coinbase dashboard



4.Click on “ETH Wallet”

The ethereum wallet



5. Click on wallet address.

ethereum wallet



6. You can now see your wallet address. Give this address to anyone you is going to send you some Ether.

Ether address



My Ether Wallet


  1. Go to

2. Click on “New wallet”

3. Enter a 9 character password.


4. This password will generate a private key.


5. Save this private key and DO NOT SHARE it with anyone.



6. Select Private key and enter your private key.


7. Click “Unlock your wallet” and you can now see your wallet address.  

You can now Buy Ether here.

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