Introducing is new exchange which improves Ether Rush by adding the service of acquiring any crypto-currency you need. We have also kept the best parts of Ether Rush namely the customer service.

Features of

No Login Required – There are many websites require you to login when there is no need. Contradicty to the perception by not creating a login you are much safer. There is no account to hack in our website. Not to mention this creates an easy of usability to our user.

Safe and Secured- We do not hold your coins. We advise not keeping long term investments on an exchange. We send your coins back to your own wallet, which is the safest place. Let us assume our services shut down for any reason we wont have your coins. Your coins will be with you there by creating a trust-less system.

All Coins Available- You shouldn’t have to scourge the internet just to find the coin you want. You can get any coin you want on our website. If the coin you want isn’t on the list. You can then send a IM to your customer service, send an email, or send a whatsapp to 8806999964. We have tried making this as easy as possible for you.

24/7 Hour Real Time Customer Service- We are ALWAYS online. Other exchanges do not provide as good support as we do. We know how it feels when you have sent your funds and are waiting for a reply. Just send us a whatsapp message or send us an IM on our on-site chat app. Features

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One more service we provide is consultation which includes everything from what is bitcoin to ICO reports. We will also set you up with the tools you need to start investing on your own or help you in making your own portfolio tailored to your risk and your opinions.



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