How to Send Ether

Before being able to send ether to another wallet you need to do the following to steps.

  1. Make a wallet
  2. Buy Ether
  3. Send Ether

1. Make a wallet.

One of the safest website to create a wallet is Since OMG is a Ether token (ERC-20) it can be stored on this wallet along with ether.

  • To make a wallet go to and click on new wallet tab.
  • Enter your a password and click create new wallet.
  • Save your private key and write it down on a seperate piece of paper.

For detailed instruction on How to Open an Ethereum wallet click here.


2. Buy Ether on local Ethereum.

1. Once we have created and saved the private key of the Ether Wallet we need to buy some ether which we can convert into OmiseGo (OMG). is a decentralized P2P platform to buy Ether anywhere in the world.

3. Send Ether

  1. Go to and click ‘Send Ether’

2. Select Private key and copy paste it in the text box.   Unlocking WalletClick Unlock wallet.


3. Now Enter the wallet you want to send the ether to and enter the amount you want to send.


4. Go to and check recommended gas needed to send the ether. (The gas is the payment needed to transfer the ether. It is not included in the amount you are sending.)EthGasStation

Here we can see recommended amount is 4 Gwei.


5. Change gas to recommended amount.

6. Click on  generate transaction. Click on send transaction.Send Ether



7. Click on verify and save the transaction id. (This is needed for proof of transaction also to convert when using

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