How To Buy Ether

To buy ether you will need a place to keep it. If you don’t have a ether wallet click here for a guide on how to create a ether wallet.

1.Using (No KYC Needed)

2. Using (India Only) (Easier)


  1. Go to
  2. Click on Sign in.
  3. Click on the ‘Create new account’ button
  4. Enter a username and create a safe password.
  5. Click on “Generate Keys & Sign Up”
  6. Select Buying Option. (We will select Bank transfer for this example)Choosing buying method



7. Choose a Seller. Check the price and the amount of trades made for genuine seller. There is an escrow system in local ethereum so you don’t need to worry to much.

8.Once you select a seller then enter the amount of ETH or the amount in Rupees.

9.You can now chat with the seller. NOTE: Do not send funds to the seller unless the smart contract is funded. As you can see in the image this contract is not yet funded.

Noy yet funded


10. Send the funds to their bank account via IMPS.

11. You will now receive your ether.

12. Click on wallet and Enter your to address(Click here to see where to get a wallet. You can directly send the amount to to get it converted directly.Noy yet funded


13. Finally click on transfer.



  1. Send a whatsapp message to 8806999964.
  2. send amount in ETH or rupees ans wallet id to buy ether.
  3. You will receive payment options and rate.
  4. You will receive your ether after payment.

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