How to Buy Ether in India

 There are 3 ways to buy Ether in India.


1. Use the Ethexindia Exchange


This is the most preferred way to buy Ether i India. It is one of the safest ways and is cheap too. At the time of writing this article there is no way to register.

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Even if you were able to register it is very difficult as a trade occurs once every 5 minutes which is too less for an exchange. Their customer care is also not good and has a 2.3 star rating in Facebook.

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2. Convert your Bitcoin to Ether

Step 1: Make a wallet on My ether Wallet.

Step 2: Buy Bitcoin on Zebpay.

Step 3: Convert Bitcoins on Changelly.

Step 4: Move Ether to your wallet.

This is a somewhat tedious process but will get the job done. Here the bitcoin exchange will take its cut and as well as the currency converter.

This makes the processes which is tedious a bit expensive too.


3. Buy Directly from Ether Rush

Okay, admittedly we might be a bit biased.

Buying on Ether Rush is easy as adding any product into the cart and waiting. We also give the best price as we buy Ether on dips.

The problem about buying from a website like us is the safety but we have gotten rid of that problem by giving our customers an escrow option from This option makes sure we don’t get paid till you receive your ether.

You can buy your Ether here.

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