Step 1: Get an Ether Wallet

If you don't have an Ether wallet click here to head over to MyEtherWallet to get a free wallet.

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Step 2: Buy Some Ether

You can now purchase Ether on our website you can buy any amount of ether. Send a whatsapp message to 8806999964 or send an email to

Buy Ethereum

Step 3: Receive Your Ether

After your purchase, your Ether will be sent to your wallet address you have provided immediately.

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Buy/Sell Ether with Cash

We have now started a service which allows you to buy and sell ether (and any other coin) using cash. We have started operations in Pune, Thane, Gurgaon, and Bangalore.

What We Do

We help those who are trying to buy ether in India. We have ourselves tried the various ways - Buying expensive bitcoin and exchanging them for ether (Which also costs money). During this Ether Rush, it is difficult to quickly buy ether when you really want to. We don't want you to miss out on an investment you truly believe in!

We have now created Ether Rush where you can easily and safely buy ether by just adding it to your cart.  We use an escrow to make things completely safe. We wont get paid until you get your ether. Start investing in ethereum today!

Already Have a Ether wallet?

Send us a WhatsApp message and we set up a crypto portfolio according to our team and your risk appetite.